It looks as though the Pakatan Rakyat i.e. People’s Alliance comprising PKR, DAP and PAS has more than its fair share of Ibrahim Alis!

These are the people who cannot take as good as they give! These are the people who know best and cannot be reined in for they cannot be transgressed.

We have to be mindful, of course, to differentiate this group from the ‘greedy’ ones i.e. those who crave for unjust gains. But then again, it is perception (which seems to have taken the status of ‘fact’) that determines what happens to them at the next General Elections!

Say what you like …. the widely held thought is that these defectors of PKR (and hence the People’s Alliance) HAVE BEEN BOUGHT! And this unfortunately, also applies to WEE CHOO KEONG, the Wangsa Maju YB!

There is a growing correlation between these ‘defected’ PKR representatives and the fact that they had been members of other political parties before …. I believe you call them ‘frogs’ or ‘kataks’. They are not party men (or women), rather they are journey-men (women)!! They generally hold no loyalties, maybe not even scruples!

An indication of Wee Choo Keong’s inability to face the rakyat on this issue is his reluctance not only to respond to bloggers’ demand for an explanation, he DARES NOT even print the comments of his ‘critical’ audience on his own blog!! (Click HERE)

702sIt is obvious, Choo Keong, that the trip to the United Nations in New York and then Washington (with Nazri & gang) under the ‘Malaysia’ banner must have made you re-think your political orientation!

Another turn-coat like Rocky aka Dato Ahirudin Attan?

State your stand, Choo Keong and state it clearly or be forever damned!!


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