We all know that ‘Utusan Malaysia’ is the mouth-piece of the UMNO led Malaysian government, just as we are all led to believe that the ‘Wall Street Journal’ is the mouth-piece of the Jewish led United States of American government.

If that is the case, I would shudder at the Journal’s latest opinion entitled, ‘Raising Malaysia’s Hackles’, on 25 February 2010 about the Anwar saga. This can be found at DAP’s Lim Kit Siang’s blog (click HERE). Whilst Lim Kit Siang may highlight the Malalysian government’s insecurities over international criticism, I cannot help but sense the subtle warnings that came together with the criticism and reminder to the Malaysian government to act under the rule of law. The opinion also supported the action of the Australian law-makers seeking Malaysia to drop the charges against Anwar which has “raised serious concerns”!

But it’s the last paragraph that seems to have raised the ‘temperature level’ a wee bit higher than it usually is …. to the point that the ‘subtle’ has become a wee bit more ‘explicit’ now. I re-produce the last para of the Wall Street’s opinion:

“International attention may not change the course of Mr Anwar’s trial, but at the very least, it reminds Malaysia’s elites that their actions won’t go unnoticed – or, perhaps, without consequences.”

I am sure Najib and gang are not going to take this lying down!


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