P. Gunasegaram’s article on 19 February 2010 entitled, “Persuasion, Not Compulsion” seems to have landed him in hot soup.

The Home Ministry has issued a show cause letter to his newspaper, The Star, as to why action should not be taken against the newspaper for the article (Click HERE).

By the way, the article has been removed from The Star’s web-site. So I suppose many people will now try to get the printed copy and actually read it. Malaysians are a funny lot. They don’t read much, but when the authorities find articles offensive and subsequently show cause the authors or try to ban the articles/books, then everyone wants to read them!

I have to admit that I am one of those too!! Not so much that I don’t read, it’s just that the kind of things Gunasegaram had raised is nothing really new …. so we kinda knew where he was coming from! I guess he’s just frustrated that whilst people read his lamentations …. it doesn’t appear to register!

In any case, I found that we can still get to the article online by searching for it in GOOGLE (Click HERE) and typing, ‘Persuasion not Compulsion‘. It’s the 2nd item (same title) of the search result that will get you to the article….. and remember to click the ‘Cached’, not the title.

UPDATE (27 Feb 2010): Oops …… they seem to have closed off the 2nd search result (cached) too. But it has now been re-produced by various other sites found in the Google search results e.g. click HERE (Guna’s critics) OR HERE (Guna’s open-minded kind)


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