I could imagine hearing the siren going off at the Prime Minister’s Office coupled with the directive, ‘Damage control stations, damage control stations’.

If you’re still wondering why, this is the latest saga of shooting oneself on the foot …… the Political Secretary of a senior Minister (now identified as Nor Mohamed Yakcop, our ‘Economics’ Minister) being caught with cash, properties and vehicles apparently under his ownership.

What the heck! Budding students pondering on career options would now be including ‘Political Secretary-ship’ as a target of what they want to become. And why not? At a relatively young age, you can have at least RM2.0 million in  cash, luxurious properties, sophisticated vehicles etc. You would also be rubbing shoulders with the Tuns & Toh Puans, Tan Sris & Puan Sris, Datuks & Datins ….. live the good life, appear on Tatler’s, go on a foreign holiday every other week on somebody else’s tab ….. what could be greater?

Of course, there are some pre-requisites. You need to look sophisticated, speak with a bit of accent ….. lacking in substance is okay, you can cover it up by waffling your way out of it with a bit of your stiff upper lip accent. Being a bit of a ‘thick skinner’ is also an advantage …. cos you need to muscle in between every deal that requires some form of approval, a nod or a wink kind of thing ….. even putting the file on the top of the ‘IN’ tray has some economic benefits, so it was said.

This is of course, not to implicate the master …. in this case Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, who was reported to be utterly disappointed with his political secretary, Hasbie Satar and in whom he had placed so much trust. He must have felt the same in his former Political Secretary, Norza Zakaria, who was also charged for corruption by the MACC (Click HERE).

It makes you wonder if the ‘Little Napoleons’ mentioned by previous Prime Minister, Pak Lah, was in direct reference to these Political Secretaries …. or is this just the tip of the iceberg?


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It sounnds to me as if both pol-sec are TS NMY scapegoat.

Comment by sorayasuhaimie

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