I have to admit that I am not a great fan of our neighbours down south. However, there is some grudging respect when it comes to the manner in which they resolve sensitive issues.

In fact, their current approach has been consistent since the time Lee Kuan Yew took the helm in Singapore …… he reads the perpetrators the ‘Riot Act’!

Contrast this with Malaysia. The perception is that when for example, religious differences arise, the politicians and the actors wade into the scene. These same politicians win or lose points, depending on the political divide, and the core issue remains unresolved.

Now look at the current ‘conflict’ issue in Singapore involving a Christian denomination AND the Buddhists/Taoists (thank God it did not involve the Muslims). Before it got out of hand, the ‘Christian’ instigator got hauled in by the Internal Security Department! An apology was immediately issued by the offending party over a cup of tea! (Click here)

Our Malaysian media like Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Malaysian Mirror etc should be reporting extensively on how Singapore responded to its ‘Cow Head’ situation.

It is no wonder Singapore was referred to as the sore point of Malaysia’s finger by Mahathir.

I can understand why.  Lee Kuan Yew once responded to a question as follows:-

“We (Singapore) are a standing indictment of all the things that Malaysia can be doing differently.” (Click here)


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