Despite my request to change the subject (please) about what to call this ‘Providence’, it has been unsuccessful todate.

The media has now brought in the Sikh community into the computation ……  in addition to the Christians. The Sikhs also claim to their right to call the Almighty by the A-name. Malaysiakini quoted Malaysian Gudwara Council President, Harcharan Singh as saying that the preamble to the Selangor Non Muslim Enactment 1988 states that the law is meant to control and restrict the propogation of non-Islamic religious doctrines and beliefs among persons professing the Islamic faith.

“There is no law to stop non-Muslims from using it in their own publications meant for members of their own faith,” said Harcharan.

So the law says it’s okay.

But the trouble is that the sentiment says it’s not okay! Or at least that’s what the desperate politicians are making it look like with the help of out-of-work idiots looking to make some money.

In the meantime, Malaysia’s competitors are having a whale of a time increasing its lead on Malaysia in terms of competitiveness and perception, amongst others.

Others are taking the mickey out of Malaysia, the most prominent being the prestigious Financial Times which does not attribute the ‘bombings’ to UMNO, the Malay party leading the government because if it was involved, it would have targeted the right churches and the bombs would have gone off!

Casting aside the joke element, it does really make us wonder if Najib & gang have got a handle of matters, let alone the agencies under his purview. Poor chap had to rely on his brother, Nazir to make a RM100,000 contribution to the church that was first targeted, in order to soften things up.

Unfortunately, those feelings appear to be hardening!


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