Recent scenes of the 12 ‘cow-headers’ being herded into court to be charged for illegal assembly (with six of them additionally charged for sedition) caps an embarrassing end to this attempt to embarass the Selangor State Government and at the same time add to the racial polarisation of the country.

Analysts with hindsight all agree that the ‘Cow Head’ incident was not to be part of the script …… notwithstanding their attempt to racially polarise the Rakyat ….. it was too crude! It boomeranged against the establishment (read: UMNO) as Hishamuddin Hussein would testify!

UMNO had to scramble (as usual) to damage control mode with statements by Hishamuddin denying all that he said the previous day and subsequent reports claiming that of the 12 charged, 6 were UMNO members, 4 were from PAS and the 2 were PKR members. How convenient?

The incident in fact added to the disgust decent Malaysians currently have toward ignorant dudes like these cow headers! The dignified manner in which the Indian community in this part of Shah Alam responded was indeed more than commendable. The visit by a multi racial group to the temple shortly after the incident that included Haris Ibrahim significantly reduced whatever misconception that was lingering then. Click here for Haris’ “The beautiful Malay” in his blog.

The town hall meeting between the so-called residents and the State Government representatives led by Khalid Ibrahim and Khalid Samad that was recorded by Malaysiakini under-scored to all of us the kind of people we want to run our country. It was a public relations win, hands down, for the Pakatan Rakyat!

UMNO members have to realise that nearly ALL Malaysians want a two party system whereby there will be the required checks and balances.

It is up to the UMNO members to act accordingly!


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