Rocky’s Bru’s Ahirudin Attan and Star editor, Wong Chun Wai are surely our latest “Laurel and Hardy” show-act when it comes to coordinating their attacks on the Chinese educationist group, Dong Zhong.
Malaysiakini should wade into this educational matter (not sex complaint) to provide some balance to the matter.
Rocky refers to Wong Chun Wai’s blog (see here), who in turn refers to the vernacular papers reporting the resignation of Dong Zhong’s leader, ‘Teacher’ Loot Ting Yee, after “sexual complaints have been made against him” (see here). By the way, Teacher Loot is reported to be 80 years old!
This reminds me of how vicious people can be against their “enemies”. And these people seem to include our Malaysian “Laurel and Hardy” duo.
One similar incident that comes to mind immediately was the Chua Soi Lek saga …. distribution of CDs which recorded his bedroom scene with a friend. This led to his resignation and subsequent come-back as Deputy President of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA). Well, MCA members seem to have viewed Chua Soi Lek beyond his indiscretion and have voted him in.
This reminds me many years ago about a sex complaint by a student against a headmaster, Kevin D’Souza. A court case was brought against him and he was eventually found not guilty. However, the damage was costly to him and his family. Kevin D’Souza was known to have been an exemplary teacher with a strong emphasis on discipline. It riles me when small minded people use this sex complaint avenue (that eventually is baseless) to further their agenda.
On a personal note, I remember vividly about a complaint a young female colleague brought against her male colleague (who was in his 60s) whilst on a foreign assignment. I was asked to look into the complaint and bring it to resolution.
Well, this young girl was no angel herself as it was known for a fact that she was having trysts with other younger colleagues of her liking. So I called her in together with her legal adviser and told her that any ensuing investigation into her complaint may be countered with allegations into her own “activities” with other colleagues. Immediately, her sex complaint was withdrawn!
So maybe Rocky and Chun Wai should be concentrating on more relevant issues as responsible media persons. The fact that Teacher Loot resigned may be to prevent people like Rocky and Chun Wai from clouding the issue involving our Malaysian Educational System!

Latest: Someone sent me this quote which I thought was quite relevant to this posting of mine:- “When we notice someone of exemplary behaviour, we should try to emulate him/her. However, when we notice someone of contrary behaviour, we should take a good, hard look at ourselves!”


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If one is clean and pure, one has no fear.

Looks like teacher Loot may have some skeleton to hide. If not, why he somemore apologise?

Comment by Dong Dong Di

The problem is many ‘so-called’ champions d not understand that there are at least two sides to a story.

Just by publishing one side does not mean that everything is known.

Comment by A

In the olden days many poor chinese young girls from the villages would go to work as maids for rich families in the towns.Many of these young girls were raped by their rich employers.
They are not bad girls.They are the victims of male sexual violence.They should not be condemned by society.All of us should try our best to support them emotionally.
At the same time during that era there are many chinese poor girls who entered the male entertainment line as bar hostess.They would try their best to have sex with rich male patrons to get out of the sex services line or make more money.Such girls would be condemened by everyone except the male patron himself.
All of you in MCA should look at CSL and Eli Wong in thsi light

Comment by phyliswee69

All politicians promised to take care of the people’s welfare before election.
After election they only take care of their personal interests.
They have plenty of ways to make money.
They never need to borrow rm 1000.00 from Alongs,
They will never to chained up for months like those three Chinese men.
But sometimes I wish the politicians be chained up for not doing their duties for the people.
Would you agree with me?

Comment by John Chan

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