Last night, I watched the movie, “Twilight”. In one of the scenes, Edward Cullen told Isabella that he could read everyone’s mind (literally) except for her …. hence his attraction towards her!
The trouble with me is that whilst I’m still unable to read/understand Rocky’s Bru’s (Ahirudin Attan) line of thought/argument, I am nonetheless repelled (rather than attracted) by his writing recently!
I’m referring to his criticism of the organisation he refers to as “Dongs” – the fundamental Chinese educationists – for insisting that the government reverts to the teaching of mathematics and science under their respective mother tongues! Read here.
Clearly, Rocky’s distaste for the Chinese educationists is evident. He even quotes Wong Chun Wai (Star editor) to highlight that these “Dongs” are a minority within the Chinese community! He raises his ire against what he perceives as “Ding Dong’s” racist tendencies in a later posting (See here)
Rocky then goes on to say that if Singapore can do away with vernacular schools, Malaysia should do like-wise. Further, he says that parties like DAP are being hypocritical supporting vernacular schools whilst at the same time claiming to be multi-racialists!
Whoa!! Whoa!!! Rein in your horses, man. Let’s not get emotional and over-protective over your fellow Mahathirite, Mukhriz here, Rocky.
For most Malaysian parents, it’s not whether or not to send their children to vernacular OR national type schools. Their concern is about the DETERIORATING STANDARD OF THE NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. And that concern has translated to many parents sending their children to these vernacular schools which are deemed higher in standard as compared to the national type schools. Pure and simple. 
And what’s wrong with being bi-lingual or even tri-lingual in this increasingly competitive world that we live in?
Yes, Singapore did away with vernacular schools but the replacement system was one that was admired not only within Singapore but in many other countries too. It is even partially emulated by the Japanese. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for the Malaysian education system?
So we need to be objective about this and should avoid perpetuating the politicisation of this issue and treating the “Dongs” as punch-bags!
The standard of the Malaysian educational system must be raised to a minimum level such that there will not be any reason for the supporters of vernacular schools to argue their cause!

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i love natives i think they need more restpect 🙂

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