December 10, 2008, 11:50 am
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Since my last commentary on Thailand, the Constitutional Court has managed to neutralise the government by ruling against Somchai Wongsawat, personally and the party he leads.

The MPs of his party and coalition partners are now re-grouping under a new party. But even then, they may be blocked …… with what I view as a long shot by the anti-government establishment (which involves people at very high places!).

This may be the reason why the opposition Democratic Party are wooing the “kataks” or “frogs” or the “Thaksin loyalists” to jump over to their side so that the Democrats can then form the next government …. and they seem to be making some head-way i.e. they got some “kataks” to join them. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Maybe Abhisit Vejjajiva (Democratic Party leader) took a leaf out of Anwar Ibrahim’s book …. difference being he may just achieve what Anwar could not!

Right now, it appears as though the middle class, educated class, military class (dressed to repress?), police class, judiciary class …. seem to know better….. and appear to be calling the shots.  And they seem to justify it in order to “protect the monarchy”! Problem is that they are a minority operating in a democracy!

So, are we actually seeing the truth of the matter that is being played out to the world at large?

Many were hoping that King Bhumibol would intervene in his usual just, serene and reverred manner ….. just as he had intervened in 1992 when the coup leader, General Suchinda, went one step further by attempting to appoint himself Prime Minister even though he was not an elected representative in a pro-military government that was voted in a subsequent parliamentary election! There was also Tun Thanom Kittikachorn (yes a Malaysian Tun-ship was awarded to him!) who fled Thailand after His Majesty’s intervention when students were shot dead by the military. Tun Thanom became a monk subsequently!

It was therefore most unfortunate that the King was ill on the day that he was to speak to the nation recently.

Let’s hope he gets well soon and as usual, lead the nation out of its current crisis. And let’s also not forget about Thailand’s other crisis down in southern Thailand with its disenchanted Muslim minority!

Somehow, I feel this will be one of the King’s most challenging issue facing him. There seems to be rising criticism about the way the crisis is unravelling to the point that the Economist was effectively banned in Thailand for criticising the King ….. “lese majeste” ….. click here for what was said in the Economist.


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