I came across a web-site (that I view once in a while) – click here and whose pictures had an immediate impact on me. I reproduce them below:-




Whilst this matter has been reported extensively by mainstream media and the likes of Malaysiakini, I do admit the pictures have an element of over-dramatisation. But the message is poignant …… that the representatives put into Parliament and State Assemblies by the People had better reflect on their roles!

Enjoying the perks of an elected representative is definitely one of the benefits of a job …. but when one “over enriches” himself/herself by abusing the position that had been entrusted on that representative ….. or even a senior government servant (as alleged by Lim Kit Siang [see here]) ….. will only add people to the ranks of the SILENT MAJORITY, who will then make their opinion known at the next general elections!

All eyes will be on how Najib leads the way!



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It is perfectly legitimate to enjoy the perks provided by the job. Greed is part and parcel of human nature. A good moral education is needed to inculcate the value of “do unto others as we would others do unto us”
It was a blunder that the country did away with Mission schools.Their good work could never be replaced.

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