Ven. Master Chin Kung

The recent hullaboo making its rounds revolve around claims that Yoga practitioners may develop deviant tendencies from their respective religions. This is despite the fact that the original intention of practicing Yoga is for health related issues.
So the impending religious ruling on this matter (see here) is expected to clear the clouds for some people and sow confusion and speculation for other people!
What speculation, you may ask?
Response: Will the practice of Qigong be next?
Well, there is a Sunday column called “Art of Healing” by Dr Amir Farid Isahak that I read regularly. He is a medical specialist who practises holistic, aesthetic and anti ageing medicine. He is a qigong master and founder of SuperQigong.
By the way, based on my limited understanding of qigong, it is about breathing exercises and its related healing from it. Apparently, our bodies have a lot of energy!
Dr Amir has created quite a following that include Malaysians of various races. His article this week covered his second trip to China at the invitation of Buddhist monk, The Most Venerable Master Chin Kung. It revolves round walking the talk and how putting the principles into practice in the town of Lujiang resulted in marked social improvements based on key indicators used.
Dr Amir’s work is commendable from an objective, social and compassionate point of view. Let’s just hope that religion, race and country issues do not get entangled in this noble cause of Dr Amir and further the polarisation cause of our politicians!

Food for thought:Religions of our time have more to do with the lives that we live than the creed that we profess to have.”


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