ROCKY ON SALLEH – Special Case.. Special Circumstances.. Special Consideration


                      Tun Salleh Abas        

Rocky is pursuing his case against the Bar Council on latter’s disrespect to the former Chief Justice, Tun Salleh Abas (see here). He’s even upped the ante by questioning the Bar Council’s consistency following the resignation of High Court Judge, Ian Chin (here).

Rocky: “Come on, this is a special case, special circumstances that require special consideration! Anyway, you gave it to Vohrah!” (Two wrongs will make a right?)

Ambiga (Bar Council President): “Law is law. We have to follow the law. I can read and interpret as I see it …. so don’t rile me up before I read Section 60. As for Vohrah, no comment. I wasn’t there then”.

Maybe it’s high time that both Rocky and Ambiga call a truce and resolve the issue of Salleh Abas amicably ….. the alternative is for the show to go boringly on and alas confirm the following:-

a) Rocky’s ineptness in understanding the law; and

b) The Bar Council’s inconsistency in applying the law.


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