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The arrest of Suaram activist, Cheng Lee Whee is ludicrous but do you notice the trend:-

a) The villification of Teresa Kok by Utusan Malaysia and subsequent violence against her and her family

b) The Special Court decision in favour of Standard Chartered Bank against the Yang DiPertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan

c) The Special Statement from the Council of Rulers

d) The appointment of Zaki as Chief Justice by the Council of Rulers

e) The reining in of the newspapers (remember the show cause letters?)

f) The reining in of the bloggers (remember [r]ocky the shifter and even Citizen Nades?)

g) Rally call to protect race and religion (which one ah? ….. I leave that for you to guess)

h) The banning of HINDRAF

i) The retraction by SUHAKAM of its criticism of the HINDRAF ban – only personal views of some of the SUHAKAM Commissioners lah. Even SUHAKAM has been reined in.

The ground is being laid for us to get back to the good old days of the ’80s and the ’90s where everything can be fixed (unlike nowadays!) and if it can’t, you get thrown out of your job, intimidated or worst still they throw you into ISA!

But of course, at the same time, there’ll be the sweeteners thrown in like the reduction in petrol prices, more goodies this coming Monday from the PM designate (he might not have to wait till March 2009 if de facto PM Mahathir gets his way). And with all these sweets given out and everyone (including the Opposition) then expected to “work with me (i.e. Najib)” in facing this economic turmoil that is affecting Malaysia – EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE is expected to play ball. OR ELSE, you’ll be thrown out of your job, intimidated or into ISA! Get the picture?

And by the way, don’t forget who’s the BOSS ah? It’s UMNO that will always be Numero UNO!!!

That has got MCA and Gerakan scrambling to damage control mode. “The social contract needs to be reviewed from time to time” so says the outgoing MCA Youth Head.

MCA Youth wants the Deputy Chairman of Barisan Nasional to be from MCA. After that, it’ll be the Deputy Prime Minister post!

Gerakan’s President even had to give a Georgraphy lesson to UMNO!

The show is not over. So sit tight, keep calm and watch this space.


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Nice article… thanks for sharing.. keep it up ^^

Comment by Tim

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