October 4, 2008, 7:50 am
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Since the great turning in March of this year, many things have occurred to distract us from the very issue that got us to do what we did in March.

There were the racial supremacy issue, then racial tension, racial insensitivity, military involvement, Chinese takeover (not take-away ah!), early retirement, people actually unhappy with Pak Lah, Najib and his and all that nonsense.

abdullah ahmad badawi umno 61 anniversary 110507 talking

The things that got everyone riled up were the political arrogance and corruption that culminated in the rakyat having to pay for it in terms of increased costs of living, inept civil service, atrocious education system and having the mickey taken out on us!

People have to remember that Anwar Ibrahim was at the brink of oblivion after the 2004 elections when his Parti Keadilan only won one seat (Wan Azizah in Permatang Pauh) and even that by the skin of their teeth! The whole nation was consumed by Pak Lah’s “Come work with me, not for me” theme.

He “had the whole world in his hands” so to speak. But what did he do in the ensuing four years ….. we all know ….. son-in-law, leakage, corruption, brain drain, racial tension, sleeping on the job, rhetoric only, inability to control, not implementing….to sum it up: NATO (No Action, Talk Only). This coincided with the economic down-turn but worst of all was that the cost of living was having a dire effect on all Malaysians!

He “let it slip out from his hands” ………

Of course everyone blames Pak Lah now …… including his beloved UMNO. He has to be the fall guy as far as his party is concerned.

But let all the others not lose focus …. Pak Lah was to clean up the mess in the country and his first port of call was UMNO. He didn’t, may be he couldn’t or was not allowed to. Do you think Najib can? Let’s not kid ourselves, the rakyat wants to see change ….. for the better ….. hence the clean up is inevitable.

If Najib can’t, then somebody should …… who can decide?  The rakyat of course!

So maintain focus!


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