ISA – I say, this it too much man …… SC (Sangat Cuai)!
September 13, 2008, 3:48 pm
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Imagine, just from observers’ point of view ……. a politician, having been reported by Sin Chew to have uttered “not so wise words”, is suspended by his party for three years. Meaning, he has been found guilty.


The next day, the reporter from Sin Chew who reported the politician’s “not so wise words” gets thrown into jail under the ISA. I say, this is too much man. Doing this will not endear you to the men and women on the street (eh, this is just figure of speech. Don’t take it literally and go demonstrating on the street …. that is not wise at all!)


To think that whoever hatched this plan of action would be oblivious to the fall-out that ensued is quite unbelievable. The subsequent back-tracking and the “protecting her from harm” rhetoric didn’t really help, did it? 


Come on, some form of coordination is required to respond to these challenges. Revive the Fourth Floor activity room …….. better still, start it on the Eight Floor. Sounds better!


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