Yong Teck Lee – SC (Sangat Cuai) … Very Careless!
June 21, 2008, 2:12 pm
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All that has been done by YTL …. (er I mean Yong Teck Lee and not the more famous YTL Corporation Berhad), is only to reveal the desperation of a person who is being cast into the wilderness.

And the skilful politician and manipulator that Anwar Ibrahim is, he might as well make whatever use of this individual, YTL, before he becomes a Sabah irrelevant. Anwar would be most unwise to retain individuals like him and Jeffrey Kitingan but the fact that he is “joining forces” with them shows the lack of Sabah politicians with the clout and integrity at this current point in time.

Use them effectively and cast them aside, Anwar.

The fact that YTL is now under ACA investigation only confirms the kind of damage he did when Chief Minister of Sabah over 10 years ago. Remember the damage he did to the State’s investment arm, Warisan Harta, amongst his achievements.

Why are the authorities looking into it now? Because he has become Judas in the eyes of the BN Govt!

BN is reeling …..


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